Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions we get asked a lot of in our ticket system. Yes, stupid people come with stupid questions.

How do I set up a counting channel?

Check out our Quick Guide.

I tried to enable the module talking using c!talking but it doesnt work.

This is not a command. Use c!toggle talking. (or any other module)

I've already counted 1, but it just deletes 2!

To avoid spam, by default it cannot be the same user who counts twice in a row. If you want to disable this, type c!toggle allow-spam.

My count is glitched out, why? And how to fix?

This is common reasons we deal with every day:

  • You or someone else deleted the previous count, so it looks messed up. A fix could be to use c!set to set the count back. If this doesn't work, try to c!reset and then c!set again. To avoid this from happening, (stop deleting your messages and) enable the module webhook. This will repost the count as a webhook so users can't self-delete.

Is there any way of avoiding a message getting deleted?

Yes, start your message with ! and Countr will ignore your message as long as you have Manage Messages-permission.

What information is getting stored in your systems?

We store the necessary data that Countr needs, no unnecessary user information is getting stored. If you still want to know what information we store from your guild, please contact a support member on our support server. They will require a server invite in DMs to ensure you are the real owner from that server. Only server owners can request this data.

Countr is slow, please fix.

We are aware it might be slow sometimes. This is due to rate limiting. If you want to support Countr and get upgrades for its VPS, and also get your own bot for Countr we host for you, please support us on Patreon. More info there.

I need further help!

Please join our support server.

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