Quick Setup Guide

Setting up Countr is easy, just follow the very quick steps:

  1. Add the bot using this link.
  2. Make sure it has manage channels, and type c!autosetup.

Or, if you have a channel already, type c!link <channel> and you're good to go.

Advanced features


The source for Countr is public. When I (Promise#0001) made Countr, I was also not experienced using discord.js at all. The main reason for the bot being public is so users can have a blast and learn how to make something fun. I felt a project like this would be fun - and it was. Thank you for the support so far.

Back to self-hosting. The source can be found here. We do not recommend hosting it yourself, therefore we will not give you support if you self-host it. A tutorial is on the GitHub-page, that's all help we can give you.

Due to our LICENSE, you will have to document what you change in your code if you decide to have the source public.

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