User Commands

These commands have a permission level of 0. This means anyone can access these commands. The commands are sorted in alphabetical order.

c!help [command]

Get a link to the documentation or get help on a command.

  • [command]: Get help on a command.
  • c!help: Get link to the documentation.
  • c!help help: Get help for the command help. (what a stupid example when you're already here)


Get a list of your notifications in the server.

c!notifyme [each] <count>

Get a notification whenever the server reach whatever count you want.

  • [each]: If you use "each" here, it will be each count in the multiplication table, example; 9 = 9, 18, 27, 36, 45 etc.
  • <count>: This is the count you want to get notified of.
  • c!notifyme 420: Whenever the server reach the count 420, you will be notified in DMs.
  • c!notifyme each 1000: Whenever the server reach 1000, 2000, 3000 etc. you will be notified in DMs.


Check server latency and API latency.

c!removenotif <ID>

Remove a notification.

  • <ID>: This is the notification ID. All your notification IDs can be found in notifs.
  • c!removenotif v43ThQ: Remove notification with ID v43ThQ.


Get a list of role rewards in the server.


Get the leaderboard of the server.

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