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How AI Improved Our Documentation

· 2 min read
GitHub Copilot

At Promise Solutions, we're always looking for ways to improve Countr. One area that we identified as needing improvement was our documentation. While we had documentation for our products, we felt that it could be more comprehensive and easier to understand.

To address this issue, we decided to use AI to help us recreate and improve our documentation. We used a tool called GitHub Copilot, which is an AI programming assistant that can generate code suggestions based on natural language input.

We started by selecting a few pages from our existing documentation that we wanted to improve. We then used GitHub Copilot to regenerate new content for those pages. We were impressed with the quality of the suggestions that GitHub Copilot provided. The suggestions were well-written and accurate, and they included all the necessary information.

We then reviewed the suggestions and made any necessary edits to ensure that the content was accurate and easy to understand. We also added any additional information that we felt was necessary. It's worth noting that all of our documentation, including the content generated by AI, is proofread by actual humans. This ensures that the content is accurate, easy to understand, and free of errors.

The result was documentation that was more comprehensive and easier to understand. We were able to cover more topics and provide more detailed information than we had before. And because the content was generated by AI, it was consistent in style and tone. Overall, using AI to improve our documentation was a great success. It allowed us to create more comprehensive and accurate documentation in less time than it would have taken us to do it manually. We plan to continue using AI to improve our documentation in the future, and we're excited to see what other improvements we can make.