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Welcome to Countr!

Countr is a powerful counting bot that can help you manage the counting channels in your Discord server. Unlike other multi-purpose bots that try to do too many things at once, Countr is made for counting, which means it has more advanced counting features than other bots.

Getting Started with Countr

  1. Add the bot to your server using this invite link.
  2. Use the /channels new command to create a new counting channel, or link an existing channel with /channels link.
  3. Count in the counting channel.

That's it! With Countr, you can easily keep track of your counts and compete with your friends.

Importing your scores

If you have a JSON file with all your scores from another bot, you can use the /data import scores command to import them into Countr. If you do not have this, you can use the /scores fetch command to queue one up. Just make sure your channel is linked with /channels link before doing this. We recommend locking your counting channel while the import is running!

Advanced Features

Countr has more than just basic counting features. It also has cool advanced features like flows, modules, and more. With Countr, you can take your counting game to the next level!

Thanks for choosing Countr! If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us.