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Update Cycles

Countr is committed to providing you with the best possible counting experience. That's why we update Countr every week with new features, bug fixes, and improvements.

However, because it takes time to deploy updates to all of our clusters, we try to group up updates and deploy them together, usually once or twice every month. This ensures that everyone gets the latest version of Countr at the same time.

If you're a Countr Premium user, you get updates almost instantly! This is because it's much faster to deploy updates to one cluster with one shard, versus ten individual clusters with ten shards each. This is the primary reason why Countr Premium users get features earlier. It's a smaller environment that is much faster to deploy to.

In addition to this, Countr Premium users also get live updates from our GitHub repository. This means that as soon as a new feature or bug fix is merged into our repository, it's available to Countr Premium users. This gives you an even more up-to-date experience and ensures that you're always on the cutting edge of counting technology.