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About Countr

Count to infinity. Literally.

We're not kidding. Several servers ahead of you have already counted to several million counts. Do you have a counting channel already? No problem, you can easily move it over without losing any counts. Need a new one? No problem, read more on how to set it up here.

Set up custom unique flows.

We have even made it possible for you to customize how the counting works. Want to reward someone for reaching a milestone? Want to send a message in a channel saying they counted for the 1000th time? Want to give them a role? You can do all of this and much more. Read more here.

Need help? We're here.

We have super-great, super-friendly support members available on our support server that can assist you in anything you need.

Keep in mind they're also humans, and also have human lives like you and me. If no support member is available, read through the documentation and see if you find an answer yourself!

Guess what. It's all free.

The only thing you get for becoming a Patreon is better uptime, faster bot restart speed and a live leaderboard. You also get some early previews on features we are adding.

You can become a Patreon here:
Feel free to donate a one-time donation here:

Thank you for the support.

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Reviews from big community owners


We're pretty satisfied with Countr bot. The set up is also hassle free which is an added bonus. Would recommend as an addition to any server out there. Join Slogo

Sound's World

In my server Sound’s World the members love Countr for its simplicity and fun at tearing you from boredom. We’re at over 1 million and counting, hopefully 2 million soon. I’ve used it in a video on my YouTube channel and people loved that video as well, so it’s a great bot to add! Join Sound's World

Flare Community

We have been using Countr for almost 2 years and it's become one of our favourite bots in the server. This bot is easy to set up, simple yet fun to use and customize, and has great support. Any servers looking for an easy way to add some fun into their server has got to try adding Countr! Join Flare Community

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