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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully as the clauses herein specify exactly what information we collect about you, how it is used, who has access to it, and how it can be deleted (the right to erasure), as well as any other information we feel you have the right to know.

By using Countr or by otherwise interacting with it in any way, you agree that Promise Solutions (the “Data Controller”) may use your data in the following ways. If you do not agree with all of the clauses in this agreement in exhaustive capacity, you should cease your interactions and usage of Countr (the “Bot”).

We strongly recommend that you also read Countr’s Terms of Service so you are able to ascertain a full understanding of our commitment to our users’ safety.

2. Personal Data we collect about you

We only collect data about our users when it is necessary for Countr to function and achieve its expected outcomes. The data that we collect is only for our own legitimate interests and we only use it in ways that are explicitly specified in this Privacy Policy.

It is necessary for us to collect the following information:

  • guild identifiers (“IDs”)
  • channel identifiers (“IDs”)
  • user identifiers (“IDs”).
    • Please note that user IDs may also be collected and stored due to an administrator or authorised individual importing or setting a user’s score manually.

A “guild” is defined as an “isolated collection of users and channels”, as defined by Discord’s Developer Documentation. It is referred to in the user interface as a “server”.

Countr does not keep a temporary or perpetual store of messages sent outside of channels designated as “counting channels”, wherein users can send messages for the purpose of counting, following on from the previous users. In this instance, messages are stored only for the purpose of satisfying core functionality agreed upon by an authorised server representative.

Some data may be temporarily stored by means of cache. With relevance to Discord, cache is a software component that stores data so that information can be served faster at a later point in time. Items stored in cache may include:

  • Guild IDs and guild information that is publicly available;
  • User IDs and user information that is publicly available.

By being in a server that has the Bot in it, you agree that it may listen for Discord bot tokens for the sole purpose of resetting them in order to prevent malicious use of the token, recognising that it is a key for authorisation. This information is not stored permanently.

When interacting with our Website(s) (*, *, we may store cookies. Simply, cookies are small pieces of information in the form of a text file, containing a string of letters and numbers. This file is sent from the Website(s) to the user’s browser where they get saved before going back to the same Website(s).

Certain information may be stored about your usage of the Website(s) through Google Analytics, which is used for marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) purposes. This information is only accessible to @promise, with user identifier 110090225929191424, hereby referenced to as the Bot Creator.

3. Why we collect Data about you

Data is collected solely for the purpose of providing a service to you. We collect the information below for the specified reasons.

  • Guild IDs are collected for the purpose of the Bot being able to distinguish between guilds and to associate data with a guild so the Bot can run on preferred settings;
  • Channel IDs are collected for the purpose of identifying and associating internally counting channels with certain predefined settings;
  • User IDs are collected for the purpose of the Bot being able to tell different users apart, and maintain statistics;
  • Cookies are collected for the purpose of optimising your experience on the Website and allowing information to be processed and accessible to you at a faster rate.

4. Disclosure of Data

Under no circumstance will we disclose your data to any third-parties for any reason. Your data is only accessible by Countr bot representatives (referred to henceforth as “Representatives”). Representatives may include administrative and support staff who have a legitimate interest in assisting you.

Generally, your data will not be modified without informed consent, though there may be exceptional circumstances where there is a requirement due to misuse or maintain continuity of Countr.

Amendments, omissions or other changes made to the database directly can only be enacted by the Bot Creator.

5. Request for Data Erasure

If you wish to clear any and all stored information on a guild in which you have sufficient access, you may run the /data reset command, which will remove your guild from our database, effective immediately.

If you wish to clear any and all stored information about yourself (the user), you can contact the Data Controller at [email protected].

We are unable to delete information about a guild that you do not have sufficient administrative access in. We will also refuse to delete information about other users through you as a proxy. They must approach us on behalf of themselves.

6. Changes to these Terms

Promise Solutions may apply amendments, omissions, or addendums to this Privacy Policy at any time, for whatever, or no, reason. The Service Provider will make every reasonable effort to notify its users of significant changes to the Privacy Policy. Minor amendments, omissions, or addendums may not be announced in an official capacity

7. Right to Disambiguation

You have the right to disambiguation, meaning that you can ask us for clarification about anything mentioned in this document and we can explain to you what it means in more accessible terminology, though we have made a reasonable effort to do so herein. You can contact us at [email protected].

8. Termination

Promise Solutions, as well as you, have the right to terminate access to this Privacy Policy at any time, for whatever, or no reason, without consequence. This does not invalidate any actions that may have been performed prior to the activation of the Termination clause. Terminating this agreement also means that Promise Solutions reserves the right to revoke your access to the Bot.