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Terms of Service

1. Introduction

Please read these Terms of Service (these "Terms") carefully as they govern your use of Promise Solutions’ (the “Service Provider”) services through Countr (the “Bot”), an application on the Discord platform.

Use of Countr may be subject to additional terms and conditions presented by Promise Solutions, which are hereby incorporated by this reference into these Terms.

By using Countr or by otherwise interacting with it in any way, you agree to these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, then you must not use the Countr bot application in any capacity.

2. Availability of Service

The Service Provider cannot assuredly guarantee that you will have continuous uninterrupted access to Countr. For whatever reason, at any time, the Bot may be made unavailable for maintenance or may unexpectedly stop responding to user-invoked instructions (“Commands”).

You must also be cognisant that unavailability may sometimes be out of the control of the Bot’s maintainers and could instead be reliant on Discord’s Application Programming Interface (“API”) having an outage. In these instances, the Service Provider will make every reasonable effort to notify its users.

Alternatively, Promise Solutions reserves the right to temporarily or permanently revoke access to the Bot, on multiple bases, including servers, channels, and users, for any, or no, reason, though users have a reasonable assumption to believe that it will be due to what has been determined as misuse. This can happen where a user’s interactions with the Bot have been determined to be with malicious aforethought, and if their access to the Bot remained, there may be an existing threat to the upkeep of the Bot.

3. Our Promise to you

As the Service Provider, we will act with professional diligence and will aim to resolve any disputes with you amicably. We can be held to the standard that our support representatives and any associated officials will respond to queries with their best knowledge on the topic and will approach senior representatives if any disambiguation is required. Likewise, we expect that you will respect our support representatives and all officials that represent Countr or Promise Solutions.

4. Privacy Policy

Promise Solutions maintains a Privacy Policy, which is a legal document which defines how Promise Solutions (the “Data Controller”) handles and stores your data, what data is stored, as well as conditions for erasure and anonymisation of existing information. You can access Countr’s Privacy Policy by clicking here.

5. Changes to these Terms

Promise Solutions may apply amendments, omissions, or addendums to this Terms of Service document at any time, for whatever, or no, reason. The Service Provider will make every reasonable effort to notify its users of significant changes to the Terms of Service document. Minor amendments, omissions, or addendums may not be announced in an official capacity.

6. Right to Disambiguation

You have the right to disambiguation, meaning that you can ask us for clarification about anything mentioned in this document and we can explain to you what it means in more accessible terminology, though we have made a reasonable effort to do so herein. You can contact us at [email protected].

7. Termination

Promise Solutions, as well as you, have the right to terminate these Terms at any time, for whatever, or no reason, without consequence. This does not invalidate any actions that may have been performed prior to the activation of the Termination clause. Terminating this agreement also means that Promise Solutions reserves the right to revoke your access to the Bot. For information about how your data is handled, refer to Countr’s Privacy Policy.